Sunday, September 16, 2012

~part of me~

Some relationships come when you don't need them,,,some relationships go when you realize you need them..

i close my eyes but u remain,,a constant force inside my brain...part of every choice i make,,yes or no for whats at are there right at my peak,,for every happiness i seek..for every little thing i see..u're there inside of me...i want to know just how u feel..when things on your side seem unreal and when u have ur time of doubt..i want to noe what its about...dont ever leave me out of things..i promise not to pull the strings..i juz need to noe that what i see is the same on ur side reflecting me...

it's too long to wait untill i get the right answer....kadang2 kite takkan pernah terfikir something yg same dgn ape yg org lain better pretending not to noe what happen...!!! juz wait what happen nanti...if u really understand what in my mind..i luv u juz the way u're :))